You're Betting on a Losing Horse


Each evening before a new single is released, I sit down and write a little blurb about how the song was written, the idea behind it, the recording process, etc. And if I’m honest with you, in this moment, I always get a bit emotional. I think of my Mum and how she lives in every note of music I’ve written since April 29th, 2016. Ask those who know me best, they’ll tell you I'm not someone who likes to share this kind of melodrama with words on a sad social media post, dragging down a sunny Friday morning. They’ll probably tell you I don’t like to talk about it much either. They know that instead of speaking it out loud, or writing a post, I prefer to hide these feelings in the lyrics and notes of Old Kid songs. It’s the best thing about being an artist; you get to share your pain, spill your guts to loved ones and strangers alike and they often don’t suspect a thing. Or maybe sometimes they do, but I like to believe that more often than not they contextualize the song to fit their own story, to both comfort and celebrate personal struggles and triumphs. And I like to think that maybe it helps a little—another special thing about the arts.


I wrote and recorded this song on my Mum’s piano in New Mills, Derbyshire England. Michael Chambers aka moon:and:6 helped make that possible. Necessary precautions made it impossible to be in the studio, but all that meant was it was time to get creative. I tracked the vocals on a farm in Havelock, Ontario, Jamie MacKay and his family made that possible. The song is with you today courtesy of Noisy Rebel, Kathleen Farley at Maisonneuve Music makes that possible. The stunning artwork comes courtesy of the inimitable Sean Sifford— sometimes I think Sean hears the song before I do, that’s how well his art fits each project. To call artists friends, I couldn't be more grateful.


Thank you everyone for keeping me curious for this world. Thank you for believing in me, for betting on me even when I’ve felt unlikely to place. I hope you enjoy the new song, I hope you love the sound of Mum’s piano, I know she would have. Old Kid / DW.