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The Story Of


Ten years ago, Darryl Webster (aka Old Kid) abandoned his post as the lead singer of Toronto indie-band Sunriser, filled his hockey bag with what little he had left and fled to the comfort of his sister’s spare room in Manchester, England. There he spent most of his time reading, recharging, and whether he knew it yet or not, soaking up the intrinsic creative atmosphere in one of the world’s most innovative cities. After nearly a year there, his mind was made up; he was going back to school. 


In Los Angeles, Darryl studied creative writing at UCLA, seemingly stepping away from music for good this time. Two years later, he found himself travelling the world for his first book, a travel memoir titled, Pride in Travel. With some early success in writing, it looked like his days in music were retired to memory. But sometimes the universe has a funny way of louring us back to our first love. An unexpected meeting with an old friend, a determined record label in Canada and a decade of new experiences meant the time to record new music had once again hooked him.   


Tell Me Everything is the much-anticipated combination of musician and storyteller, at last coming together. It’s an homage to the mother who taught him to play guitar and would have been heartened to hear of her son’s returned to music. It’s the acoustic singer-songwriter and introspective lyricist you might expect from someone a little longer in the tooth, mixed seamlessly with a youthful love of driving beats, moving bass lines and heart-penetrating synth sounds. It’s the Leonard Cohen Canadian, meets New Order Mancunian, and Beach Boys Angelino. It’s late to the party, but finally arrived. It’s Old Kid and it's finally time.